Monday, March 9, 2015

Magical Flying Ants

Hey everyone! This week was pretty great, and my companion, Elder Buechele, is awesome! I got a bit more familiar with the area this week, but I'm still basically lost 90% of the time that we're out on the streets. Yesterday it rained a ton, and the magical flying ants made their return once again! When it rains, the ants grow wings and start flying everywhere, since they have no idea how to fly.. it's really obnoxious! They were inside people's homes, and the church, and so we had to be a bit careful to avoid them.. hah

I was playing chess with my companion and.. he's way better than me -__- I decided to quit playing. haha

I like my new apartment, and it's actually really awesome living with just one other person! It's a bit more peaceful, and you don't have to clean as much, or wait to use the bathroom. It's nice. I really like having an American companion, because I can speak English, which.. is just easier. haha

I'm excited for General Conference, which is coming up in a little less than a month, and the end of Summer! Which is March 21st. Although.. Summer or not, it's still really hot here.. so.. I don't really know why I'm excited about that! XD

I hope that each of you are having a great 2015, and doing good things. Feel free to respond to this email if you would like to ask me anything or just say hi! I would love that! haha :)

Have a wonderful week! I'll try and take some pictures to send this week.. maybe.. o.O

Elder Canto

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