Friday, January 10, 2014

So.. about salt lake city.. just kidding?!

Hey everyone!

So I actually just got my visa TODAY around noon, the day after I got my reassignment to the "Utah Salt Lake City" mission. I didn't even get to go and see the Salt Lake City temple! Maybe I'll get a chance to see it when I'm on the train on the way to the airport, but, I'm thinking.. probably not.

Anyways, I am extremely excited. I'm the third Elder in my District to get his visa for Brazil. Elder Taylor got his visa last week, and Elder Milstead got his visa yesterday. Everyone else is still going to their reassignments, and I just hope that they can all stay positive. After all, being on a mission isn't about the location, it's about the people! And they'll get to Brazil eventually. Hopefully pretty soon!

I was NOT expecting this at all.. like I said in my email yesterday, I was expecting to at least be in Salt Lake City until the end of the month.. but, I guess not! The Lord must need me in Brazil right now! :) I was worried about having to try and keep my Portuguese up without being able to use it very much, but now I don't have to worry! So the other two Elders in my District that are going to Brazil, are leaving at 4:30am on Monday morning, and I leave at 8:30am, with a few Elders that I don't know. Actually, all that I know right now, is that there are some other Elders who are going to be with me.

So, just for fun, here's my travel schedule:
1) Car ride to train station
2) Train ride to the airport
3) Salt Lake City, UT - Departure @2:20pm, Arrival @6:00pm (Dallas, TX)
4) Dallas, TX - Departure @8:25pm (1/13/14), Arrival @10:30am (Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil (1/14/14))
5) Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil - Departure @2:00pm, Arrival @3:06pm (Rio De Janeiro, RJ, Brasil)
6) Rio De Janeiro, RJ, Brasil - Departure @4:00pm, Arrival @5:55pm (Joao Pessoa, PB, Brasil)

So my longest flight is going to be the flight from Dallas, TX to Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil. It'll be 10 hours. The other two Elders in my District are going to be in the Sao Paulo airport before me and they're leaving after me, so maybe I'll be able to meet up with them there. I've been wanting to see Texas, so that'll be cool to finally see it!

Oh also, Elder Milstead, who got his visa yesterday, got an email today (which is irrelevant now), saying that he was being reassigned to the Orlando, Florida mission. So either way, he would've been pretty happy, haha!

I really was not expecting this.. I am so excited to go to Brazil, and I can't believe this is happening already. Please pray for me that I will make it to Brazil safely! :)

I love you all! Please write to me, I'd love to hear from you!

Type to you soon! haha!

Okay maybe that was a lame joke.. tchau!

Elder Canto


  1. Yay Joe! I'm so excited and happy for you! Safe travels!

  2. I will pray for his safety! I can't believe his Visa is here already!