Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Brazilian Independence Day!

Hi everyone!

Today is Independence Day in Brazil, and we're going to a parade in about 2 hours. I'm about to sign out here, but, before I go, I just wanted to mention some things that happened this week.

We did a lot of tracting (door knocking, street contacting) this week, and.. it didn't really amount to anything in the end, but, maybe in the future, these people will visit the church. Nobody that we talked to this past week was at church yesterday -- except for the random guy that came up to us in the supermarket and asked us when the meetings are at church, hah. He lives in the other 2 elders' area though.

However! Good news -- we spent all week visiting a 20 year-old guy once a day, to help him prepare for baptism, and he was baptized yesterday! He's the first person to be baptized in the new church building. We brought the giant blue water tank over to the new building on Saturday, and we weren't able to find anyone to fill it up, but a truck with barrels of water showed up while we were in front of the church building, and we asked if they could fill it up, and they happened to have just enough water left to fill it up! That was definitely a miracle.

Here's a picture from yesterday, after the baptism. I'm sorry that it's not really the best picture -- the elder who was using my camera only took a few pictures, and most of them were blurry.. my companion has lots of good pictures from the baptism yesterday, though, so I'll have to get those from him later.
Inline image 1
The guy who was baptized is on the right side. He's obsessed with Justin Bieber... hah. Crazy Brazilians...

We went on a short hike this morning to a big pond with our ward mission leader -- here are a few pictures:
Inline image 2

Inline image 3
Elder Taraveira (from Cape Verde, Africa)(he's crazy. XD)

Anyways, I need to get going now, or I won't have time to eat lunch!

I hope that you all have a great week, and, Happy Brazilian Independence Day! (and happy Labor day, too. XD)

I'm looking forward to seeing you all/talking with you all 7 weeks from now!


Elder Canto

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