Monday, August 25, 2014

8-25-14 Update -- I'm an angel!

Hey everyone -- this will be a really short update this week

We had a Zone Conference on Thursday, so I got to see all of my friends (almost all of them -- 2 of the zones that are farthest inland had their own conference)! Matheus was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday (Sunday). Oh also, we had some interesting experiences.. haha -- prepare yourself XD So first, we went to someone's house that we had talked to a week before, just to invite him to church, and his dad was home, and said that he said for him to tell us that he wouldn't come to the door, or he didn't want to, or something -- and so then we started talking with his dad, who was drunk, and he kept inviting us to come in, and we were like "Oh, no no no. We have a teaching visit to go to right now! We're going to be late!" and he was like "no!!! Come in! Seriously! I won't hurt you!" XD and he pulled us by our arms and was like "Here, sit on this sofa", and then, he told me to go use the bathroom, and I was like "but.. I don't need to! I used the bathroom 30 minutes ago!" but he kept insisting, so my companion was like "just go and come back..." so I did, and then he was offering to make us food or something, and we were like "no no no! you don't need to do that!" and he was complaining about how his son is 19, and his girlfriend, who's 16, is living with his son in his house -- hah, but anyways, someone showed up at the door, and the guy left for a minute, and we went outside and started talking to them, and then the guy came out and was like "hey! where did they go???" and we were like "we're here!" (he couldn't see us from the door), but we were finally able to leave, and we marked a visit with him for wednesday.. haha! That should be interesting.

Then, yesterday, we sat down on the curb to call someone, and this homeless guy sat next to me, and was counting money in his hand, and eventually, I decided to talk to him, after I got off of the phone, and he was a little bit crazy.. and this woman showed up, and started telling him he should go home (she's his friend), and then she sat down with us, and we started talking to her, and she was like "You're an angel! You're so young! You're my son." and she started crying, and staring at me, and said "You're like an angel!" a few times, and then at one point, she was like "For me, there's God, and then, there's you, close to God" (some sort of ranking system.. XD) "You're special. Isn't he special?? Isn't he an angel??" (to my companion) -- haha! Anyways, we also marked a visit with her, for Thursday. Ten seconds later, we were walking, and this girl called us over to talk to her, and asked what church we were from -- we marked a teaching visit with her for this week as well! This is VERY rare -- for someone on the street to call us over to them -- often, they just lie to us ("Yeah, I'll go to church on Sunday for sure!") or say no, to get us to go away.. haha -- don't worry, we have lots of successful street contacts as well! I was just making a generalization here XD

But anyways, I'm sure some other funny things happened this week, but.. I think I'll end this letter here. Oh -- we had 2 investigators at church yesterday, and one of them, we weren't expecting to show up to church! It was pretty awesome. We had a baptism marked for this Saturday, but the girl who we had marked the baptism for, didn't go to church on Sunday, and she was giving us excuses to not go to church.. I'm not sure what happened, because she was really interested in our lessons during the week! We're going to visit her this week to figure out what's going on.. hah -- oh hey, I guess this wasn't so short after all XD

I would like to bear my testimony quickly here, to close -- I know that this church is true, and I have a strong testimony of the work that Alissa and I are doing on our missions. It is truly the work of salvation. I love being a missionary!

Have a great week, everyone! :)

Elder Canto

All 3 of my companions up until now. I don't know what Elder Anderson was doing.. sorry Elder Anderson! I only have this one photo! haha
Inline image 1

My friends who arrived with me on January 14th in Brazil -- Elder Buechele and Elder Wilson
Inline image 3

The central part of Conde

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