Monday, October 12, 2015


Well, the last month of my mission has finally arrived, and it's honestly, really hard to believe. Before I know it, it'll be over! Meh. -- haha

The past 2 weeks have gone pretty well, and we've been teaching quite a few different people, but, we haven't had much success up until now, as far as baptisms go. We did manage to bring a man to church that had become less-active though, yesterday. We had a funny experience with him on Saturday. We went with him to an inactive member's house that's way out in the country, to have lunch at his house. He had run into him in town on Tuesday, and he said "Hey, invite the missionaries to go to my house on Saturday, and I'll kill a chicken, and we can eat it for lunch!", and so, he told us, and on Saturday, we met up with him, and took the bus to this guy's house. The directions were "The first house after the bridge.", and we managed to find it, but the guy was at his neighbor's house, and so we went there, and his neighbor was like "He's over there." and pointed to a bedroom. He said from inside of the room, that he was too embarrassed to come out and talk with us, because he had been drinking, and he also hadn't prepared lunch like he'd said he would, and so we just had to go back into town and eat lunch a bit later than normal. We didn't actually see this guy either -- he just talked from inside of the bedroom.

I was at the grocery store with my companion, and I happened to see that they had frozen waffles, which I had never seen before in Brazil, and so I decided to buy them, and.. that was my lunch! haha! Here's evidence:

There are no toasters in Brazil, from what I've seen so far, so... I made the waffles like this!

We can rebuild him! We have the technology!

Last night, I had a dream that it was snowing here in Paraíba, and I told Elder Markham (in my dream) "Dude! I never imagined that it would snow here!!! This is awesome!!! Let's go!", and then we went and had a snowball fight with all of the members of the Queimadas Ward here. XD It was so awesome!

Anyways, I've got to get going now. Today is "Dia das Crianças" (Children's Day), and lots of the members have the day off of work, so we're having a barbecue here at the church. I'm hungry, so I'll be going now.. bye!

Have a great week!


Elder Canto

Just 2 weeks left... x_o

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